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Our Story

AQUA Reflections originates from Mount Salak [derived from the Sanskrit word “Salaka” which means “silver”], the volcano (2211 m), in the West Java province.

The water outflows from the rain that infiltrate in the mountains (1200-1300 meter above sea level), slowly filters over the years through protected layers of volcanic rocks and sands to finally arrive at the sources, positioned at the foothills of the mountains, at an elevation of 350 meter above sea level.​

With Healthy Water Attributes of

  • pH 7.3
  • TDS 147 mg/L


  • 380 ml
  • 750 ml


  • 380 ml
  • 750 ml

The new Reflections bottle design come in a clear yet elegance design delivering the purity of single sourced water from its sacred home.

Mt. Salak, where its journey begins. Filtered through layers of volcanic rocks for years, fusing with precious minerals, each drop of Reflections water presents nature’s gift to those who enjoy them on their table.

This is the origin story that also printed in the bottle, to be shared to Indonesians.

Sebastian Gunawan
Tex Saverio
Eko Nugroho
Sebastian Gunawan 2018
Regular Bottle