3 Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water for Skin

Healthy Lifestyle | 15 May 2019

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3 Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water for Skin

Water has an important role for the health of our body. Starting from facilitating or helping the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients, removing metabolic waste from the body, and others[1].

If you don't drink enough water, it will cause dehydration. The role of water for the body as mentioned above will be disrupted, so that the body's work becomes less than optimal[1].

But did you know that lack of water consumption can also affect skin health?

Just like any other organ in your body, skin is made up of cells. Skin cells, like other cells in the body, are made up of mostly water. Without water, the organs in the body cannot function properly. The various skin structures that support collagen need water to work effectively, so if it is not properly hydrated, it can result in dry, loose, and flaky skin.[3]

This dry skin can lead to the creation of wrinkles and can also accelerate the signs of aging in the skin. Because of things like this, adequate water consumption is recommended to maintain healthy skin.[3]

So, the next question is, what are the beauty benefits of drinking water for skin? Check out the following article.

1. Maintain skin moisture content[2]

Water has an important role in maintaining optimal moisture content in the skin because it can help regenerate skin cells. Water also replenishes the needs of skin tissue and helps maintain skin elasticity. This helps delay the appearance of signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

Adequate water consumption in the body can also help replenish the needs of skin tissue and increase the elasticity of your skin. 

This not only makes the skin look prettier but can also delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin which are signs of aging.

2. Prevent skin diseases[2]

By consuming water regularly and in the recommended levels, it can help your skin to prevent some skin disorders. Like psoriasis, which is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. This skin disease is usually characterized by a reddish rash, thickened and peeling skin, dryness of the skin, and the appearance of scales.

Other signs that usually occur in psoriasis are also accompanied by a burning or itching feeling in certain parts of the skin. There are also other skin diseases like eczema. This disease is caused by inflammation of the skin. Usually, eczema makes the skin itchy, red and dry, even cracked and rough. Eczema can occur in any part of the body.

3. Get rid of acne

One of the 'classic' problems when treating skin is overcoming acne. By consuming enough water, you can reduce the chances of acne appearing by up to 70%. This is due to the nature of water which can accelerate the detoxification process in the body, so that the toxins in the body can come out more quickly and smoothly.[2]

Drinking mineral water can indeed help maintain beautiful skin. But not all mineral water is the same. Make sure you choose AQUA which is more than 45 years pure straight from the source and goes through 400 quality checks, so that its purity is maintained until it reaches you.



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