5 Benefits of Drinking Enough Water for Health

Healthy Lifestyle | 25 April 2019

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5 Benefits of Drinking Enough Water for Health

It's no secret that water has many benefits for the health of our body. You must be familiar with the recommendation to drink enough water, which is as much as eight glasses per day.

But what are the benefits of drinking enough water that we can get for our health? Check out the following article.

1. Streamlining the digestive tract

Sufficient intake of water can help the digestive tract run smoothly, so that the body's health is maintained. Water dissolves minerals, vitamins, glucose and other nutrients so that these nutrients can be delivered to each cell, and the cells can function properly.

2. Speed ​​up the healing process

Every cell in your body is made up of water. When we are infected with a disease, the cells in our body will work automatically to fight bacteria, germs or other sources of disease.

By drinking enough water, the process of fighting this disease will run more smoothly because the cells in the body have received more water intake, making it easier to fight the source of the disease. (8) Conversely, if the body has a low water intake, what happens is that the healing process will take longer. 

Because some diseases cause the amount of fluid in the body to decrease. This can make the body's condition worse and the healing process is hindered. (8)

3. Boosting the immune system

If we previously discussed that consuming enough water can help speed up the healing process, this time we will discuss how to prevent the body from spreading disease. Because it's better to prevent than to treat. Consumption of water for the body can cause positive things because water is needed to maintain the balance of fluids in the body. 

These fluids can help form a stronger immune system so that it can prevent the body from attacking disease sources such as bacteria, germs and others. (6)

4. Speed ​​up the metabolic process

Intending to lose body weight? Water can be one of the 'components' that can accelerate this happening. The reason is, water can help burn fat by increasing metabolism in the body. This increase in metabolism is known as resting energy expenditure (REE). REE itself is a process in which the body still burns calories even though the body is not physically active.

With a constant metabolism, it helps in weight loss. This will be very beneficial for those of you who don't have much time to exercise because they are busy with routines. (5)

5. Maintaining the health of pregnant women

When going through the pregnancy phase, a mother-to-be needs to get more water than other people, which is around 8-9 glasses per day. Water is also useful for preventing pregnant women from catching various types of diseases, such as fatigue or nausea. (3)

In addition, water can also prevent dehydration. This is important because when pregnant, there is an increased risk of blood clots which can trigger contractions in the uterus, which can lead to premature labor. (3)

By drinking lots of water, this risk can be minimized by pregnant women.

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