5 Side Effects Of Not Drinking Enough Water

Healthy Lifestyle | 25 April 2019

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5 Side Effects Of Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is one of the things that cannot be separated from our lives. Every day we need water intake to survive, although it is known that each person's water intake needs are different. (1)

But in general, the recommended water intake is eight 250 mL glasses per day, or 2 liters of water intake per day.

It is biologically proven that water has an important meaning, which is distributed throughout the body and organs. The brain is composed of 85% water, the liver is about 68% water, while the lungs are composed by 79% of water. Human skin also contains 72% water, kidneys 83% water, while the bones 22% water. (2)

On the other hand, there are still many of us who often underestimate drinking water regularly so that the intake of water becomes less. 

Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration, thus side effects can occur, such as:

1. Disturbances of fluid balance

When the body is deprived of water, the blood will become thicker so that the heart has to work harder than usual to ensure oxygen and nutrients throughout the circulatory system remain distributed. (4)

Lack of blood due to lack of water fluids will cause less oxygen to be carried throughout the body and in turn will make you drowsy and feel tired faster.

When the body lacks water, the fluid balance in the body is also disturbed. Depending on how severely dehydrated you are, losing just 1-2% of body fluids can cause intense thirst, loss of taste, and discomfort. 

When the loss reaches 3-4% it can result in difficulty concentrating, excessive shaking, drowsiness, vomiting, and emotional instability. (1)

2. Joint disorders

As previously mentioned, our bones contain 22% water. In joints, water functions as a lubricant in the form of joint fluid, which allows joints to move properly and reduce friction between joints. 

You have to balance your water intake so that the bones won’t rub against each other and allow the body to carry out physical activities freely, such as running, jumping, and others.

3. Inhibit healing process

Many experts have stated that human organs have the ability to heal themselves when they are infected with a disease. However, the function of the body's organs will be affected if you have low water intake.

This will result in the body's organs being less than optimal in removing toxins in the body which in turn will hinder your healing process from disease. (4)

4. Digestive disorders

Lack of water intake can cause the digestive system in our body to work less optimally. In the process of digestion, water helps dissolve food and helps the process of digestion of food. Not only as a solvent, water also functions as a reactant in biochemical processes in the digestive tract. (1) 

5. Wrinkled skin

Lack of water intake also affects skin health. Such as symptoms of wrinkles on the skin. This happens when the skin loses its elasticity due to obstructed blood flow. This inhibition that occurs in blood flow is due to a long-term lack of water intake which deprives the cells of the skin of the nutrients necessary for the skin regeneration process.

When this happens, it will accelerate the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, loose (sagging) skin, and signs of aging on the skin. (5) From the explanations above, it has become clear that you must always meet your water intake needs by drinking water regularly so that you are always in good health.

To be more effective in maintaining a healthy body, also make sure that the water intake in your body is filled with quality water from AQUA mineral water, which is more than 45 years pure, straight from the source.  Its freshness is preserved in every drop, its purity passes more than 400 quality checks.

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