AQUA Tackles Plastic Waste Issue by Recycling Plastic Bottles

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AQUA Tackles Plastic Waste Issue by Recycling Plastic Bottles

AQUA is committed to solving the complex problem of plastic waste. As a manifestation of this commitment, AQUA launched AQUA LIFE, an innovation in bottle packaging made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials (1).

Launched in Bali at the end of 2018, AQUA is determined to become a company that produces 100% circular products. So that in the future AQUA will expand the distribution area of ​​AQUA LIFE. This is proven by the launching of AQUA LIFE in Jakarta in mid-2019.

This is a sign that AQUA is truly realizing its commitment. Please note, by 2025, AQUA is committed to using 100% recycled materials, reused materials and / or packaging materials that decompose in the soil. Then, currently AQUA bottle packaging contains up to 25% recycled material. This will increase to an average of 50% by 2025 (2).

Although it is the result of innovation in recycled bottle packaging, AQUA LIFE is very safe for consumption. The packaging has met the standards set by BPOM, Halal, SNI and FSSC 22000. Thus, the quality of AQUA LIFE is the same as bottles using virgin PET or new PET (2).

The manufacturing process using high technology and standards by AQUA makes this possible. Previously, the understanding of recycled bottles needs to be straightened out.

As an innovation in recycled bottle packaging, AQUA LIFE is not a packaging made from used plastic bottles that are reused. AQUA LIFE is made of used plastic bottles from AQUA and other brands that have been reprocessed.

The bottles are sorted, cleaned, chopped and then processed using high technology to become pelleted material or recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This material is the raw material with the name AQUA 100% Recycled (2).

Therefore, AQUA LIFE has the same quality as products that use new materials. The safety standard is high and meets all the requirements set by the government.

It’s become AQUA's leading recycled bottle packaging innovation not without reason. The manufacturing process is special because it shows the circular characteristics of the product.
First of all, used plastic bottles from various brands are collected by scavengers, waste banks, or drop boxes first. Once collected, everything is sent to the Recycle Business Unit (RBU) in collaboration with AQUA (2).

Used bottles are then selected. Bottles that are suitable for recycling will be separated. Meanwhile, attributes that are not made of PET such as bottle caps and labels are removed (2).
After that, the PET bottles will be put into the chopping machine to become small pieces. The pieces are then cleaned with water and dried. After that, they are taken to AQUA's partner plastic recycling factory to be reformed into rPET resin (Recycle PET). Later this rPET resin is processed into bottle raw materials called preform. This preform is brought to the AQUA factory and processed into new bottles (2).

PET was chosen by AQUA because its safety and quality is guaranteed in the hands of consumers. In addition, PET minimizes the impact on the environment. PET is known to reduce carbon emissions by up to 75% compared to using new PET. Then, recycling PET can reduce dependence on fossil raw materials (2).

PET is also able to drive a circular economy. Plastic material will be in the industrial scope and not pollute the environment. Later it can be processed while providing income to the recycling industry players.

For that reason, AQUA LIFE deserves to be welcomed. Its presence is the first milestone in the innovation of recycled bottle packaging in Indonesia which was pioneered by AQUA.

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