AQUA’s Commitment to Preserve the Goodness of Nature through GrabExpress Recycle

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AQUA’s Commitment to Preserve the Goodness of Nature through GrabExpress Recycle

A pandemic situation that requires us to stay at home does not have to be an obstacle for us to protect the environment. Along with the progress of the times, there are many new ways that we can continue to manage waste.


As Indonesian mineral water that always brings goodness to the community, Danone-AQUA is now working with Grab to present an easy way to manage waste from home. GrabExpress Recycle is a feature where we can send trash packages for practical recycling.



Reducing Pollution and Improving Indonesia's Circular Economy

By using the GrabExpress Recycle service, we can order Grab driver-partners to pick up trash packages to be delivered to the nearest Recycle Location. From there, the waste will be sent to Danone-AQUA's Recycling Business Unit (RBU) to be processed into raw materials which will later be made into new products for daily needs.


For example, used plastic water bottles will be converted into new AQUA Life bottles, AQUA products whose packaging is 100% made from recycled materials and can be recycled again. This method will keep the plastic material updated. So, in addition to reduced levels of pollution, Indonesia's circular economy can also continue to be improved by empowering millions of Indonesians who work in this sector.



Two Companies' Commitment To Support Government Programs

The collaboration between Danone-AQUA and Grab is part of their commitment to support the government's program to reduce marine plastic waste by 70% by 2025. According to a report on the Indonesian Marine Debris Hotspots released by the World Bank, Indonesia is now producing 175,000 tons of waste, of which 14 % of which or 24,500 tons per day is plastic waste. Unfortunately, 81% of waste in Indonesia is not properly managed, making it difficult to recycle or end up in landfills (TPA). The waste is actually disposed of into rivers, seas and lakes in quite a large amount, reaching 15% to 30%.


As a pioneer in meeting the hydration needs of the Indonesian people and environmental preservation, AQUA is pleased to partner with a leading company such as Grab. We hope to reach more audiences and educate them about the importance of managing waste from home, said Corine Tap as President Director of PT Tirta Investama Danone-AQUA. Through this collaboration, we will increase the three #BijakBerplastik commitments, namely Plastic Bottle Collection, Education, and Innovation, by involving the community as part of the solution for Indonesia.


Ridzki Kramadibrata as President of Grab Indonesia also added, "We have an ambitious new vision, which is to use technology to benefit the surrounding community. Therefore, we are pleased to work with AQUA, Indonesian mineral water which has a long-term commitment to bring goodness to society and the environment. This collaboration, together with our #LangkahHijau campaign, can be a powerful force in bringing solutions to pressing problems in Indonesia.


Appreciation for the Community

GrabExpress Recycle allows Grab driver-partners and service users to be directly involved in the waste recycling process. Therefore, there are various forms of rewards that have been prepared for both of them, such as promo bonuses, GrabRewards points, and the opportunity to tour recycling locations to gain deeper knowledge about waste management in Indonesia. This award aims to strengthen the culture of recycling in Indonesia, as well as introduce the economic benefits that can be obtained from waste management.

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