Mineral Water Contents and Health Benefits

Healthy Lifestyle | 11 June 2020

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Mineral Water Contents and Health Benefits

Water is inseparable from our life. In fact, most of our bodies are filled with water. It is known that water contents are necessary for the body, because the vital organs of the human body such as the brain, lungs, skin, kidneys, liver are organs whose water content is more than 60%. [1]

Lack of mineral water intake can have several negative effects on the body. For example, 1% loss of body fluids can result in disturbances of body temperature regulation, 2% loss of fluids can result in loss of appetite [3]. Dehydration can also cause irritation of the digestive tract [2]

From the explanation above, it can be seen how important adequate mineral water intake is for the health of the body. But the question is, what are the mineral water contents and health benefits for it to be so important for the body?

Check out the following article to find out the contents of mineral water and what benefits it brings to the health of our bodies.

1. Calcium (2)

Calcium is a mineral that is known to have an important function to maintain bone health in order to avoid the process of bone loss and to help you have strong teeth so you can avoid various dental diseases.

For children at the development stage, calcium can also make the body taller. For those of you who have problems with weight, calcium is also useful for the fat burning process and suppresses excess appetite, so it can help the weight loss process.

This mineral also plays an important role in the smooth process of contraction, relaxation of the muscles in the body, smooth blood clotting, and also supports the body's immune system to protect it from various sources of disease.

2. Sodium

This mineral functions to maintain water levels in the body. If the level of sodium is not balanced, it can cause damage and also disruption to body cells. Sodium also plays an important role in the process of glucose absorption, where glucose is an important source of energy in the body.

Healthy nerves and heart can also be helped by a balanced sodium intake. With adequate sodium intake, the body can be protected from diseases such as nervous disorders or heart disease. This is because the blood pumping process becomes more optimal and smoother.

3. Magnesium (4)

Magnesium has an important role in digesting protein. In addition, this mineral can also help the process of maintaining healthy muscles and connective tissue systems in the body. Magnesium can also remove fat deposits on the walls in blood vessels, and is also useful as a substance to form red blood cells in the form of an oxygen-binding agent and hemoglobin.

4. Potassium (2)

This mineral is one of the electrolytes in the body which functions to deliver information through nerves. Potassium also functions to keep the muscles in the body so they are strong and can contract properly. Potassium also helps the heart to beat, helps the distribution of nutrients to body cells, and maintains bones health.

5. Bicarbonate (4)

This mineral has a function to maintain blood acidity balance and also helps smooth the digestive process in the stomach. From the explanation above, it can be seen that the contents in water provides various benefits for the health of your body. Therefore, make drinking water a routine for a better life.

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AQUA water sources are volcanic mountains that filter water naturally through layers of volcanic rock with purity that is good for consumers. AQUA also protects the ecosystem around the water source and the water source itself. This is intended to protect the natural nature of the mountain minerals, and to maintain the sustainability of water sources.



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