FAQ – AQUA 100% Recycled Bottle

  1. Why is it only available in Bali and Jakarta? Why is it limited in availability?

    • Currently, we only market this product in Bali in early 2019 and are scheduled in Jakarta by 2019. However, this doesn’t restrict the possibility to market this product in other locations in Indonesia. Therefore we are hoping for a positive consumer response with this new innovation of ours.
  2. Is it made of plastic bottle waste that has been used repeatedly?

    • No. This bottle is made of plastic bottle waste from AQUA and other brands that have been sorted and shredded to be processed with advanced technology into pellets/recycled PETs. This is the material used as the raw packaging materials, which was named AQUA 100% Recycled.
    • This product has the same quality with products that use virgin materials because it was processed with a high standard of safety and meets all the standardized criteria from the government.
  3. What was the process of making AQUA 100% Recycled bottles?

    • Used plastic bottles from various brands were collected by scavengers, waste banks, or drop boxes and were sent to recycle business units (RBU) that work with AQUA. First things first, used plastic bottles that are eligible for recycling will be separated from attributes that were not made of PET - bottle caps and labels will be taken off. After that, PET bottles will be inserted into a machine that shreds the bottles into small pieces of plastic. These pieces will be cleansed with water and dried. From RBU, these plastic pieces will be delivered to AQUA’s recycling factory partner to be reshaped back into rPET resin (Recycled PET), turning them into raw material for the bottles, which is called preform. The preform is then delivered to AQUA’s factory and processed into new bottles.
  4. This bottle is still made of plastic. How can recycling used plastic bottles into new bottles solve the plastic waste issue?

    • The issue related to plastic waste is very complicated and cannot be solved with just one solution. The solution that we can apply to everyday lives is an implementation of the 3R concept, which is Reduce Reuse Recycle.
    • What AQUA is doing is Recycle, by increasing the usage of recycled materials so that they are not trashing the environment. Creating a new product using recycled materials can be one of the alternatives to solve this issue, because it reduces waste in the environment and supports economic activities.
    • Currently, all Danone-AQUA bottles can be 100% recycled and already contain up to 25% recycled PET (rPET). Of course, Danone-AQUA can’t afford to solve this plastic waste issue by ourselves, this effort requires participation from all parties.
  5. Why was recycled PET (rPET) chosen?

    • PET is a packaging material that can help maintain the safety and quality of the product until it reaches consumers’ hands. PET produces lower CO2 carbon footprints compared to glass or paper bottles.
    • By using recycled materials, we can maintain the quality and safety of the product until it reaches the consumers’ hands and simultaneously protects the environment. Currently, technological development allows us to recycle plastic through processes with the highest quality and safety.
    • The utilization of rPET has three benefits for the environment:
      • Using recycled PET produces up to 75% lower carbon emission compared to using new PET (virgin PET)
      • Recycling PET reduces the dependency of using Fossil Resource materials
      • Using rPET increases production and also helps push a circular economy, where plastic materials will be limited to the industrial scope and provides income to practitioners of the recycling industry
  6. Is this rPET material safe/hygienic to be utilized as packaging for food and beverages?

    • Food safety and the highest quality are the main priority of AQUA.
    • AQUA 100% Recycled bottles are produced using advanced technology and meet the standards of BPOM, Halal, SNI and FSSC 22000.
    • We guarantee and ensure that the quality of the bottle packaging produced using recycled materials is the same as those produced using virgin PET.
  7. Were there any dangerous chemicals used in the recycling process?

    • Food safety and producing the highest quality are the main priority of AQUA.
    • AQUA 100% Recycled bottles are produced using advanced technology and meet the standards of BPOM, Halal, SNI, and FSSC 22000.
  8. Does this mean that all the bottles will eventually be replaced to be just like this one?

    • AQUA is committed to being a company with products that are 100% circular. We are committed to utilizing 100% recycled materials, reused materials, and/or packaging materials that are biodegradable by 2025.
    • Currently, AQUA bottle packaging already contains up to 25% recycled materials, and we will be increasing it to an average of 50% by 2025.
  9. Will every type of AQUA bottle be AQUA 100% Recycled bottles?

    • We are committed to taking big steps in the circularity of the plastic that we use by launching the #BijakBerplastik movement. In this movement, we are targeting to use 100% recyclable materials and 50% recycled materials, reusable materials, and biodegradable materials across all our product range by 2025.
  10. Why use rPET, and not bio-based materials like cassava and seaweed?

    • We are open to innovations for plastic bottle alternatives that are environmentally friendly. Currently, bio-based technology is still in pilot-scale and is not yet capable to fulfill the specifications needed for AQUA bottle packaging, which requires it to be mass-produced. Bio-based packaging does not push the formation of a circular economy and we also have to consider the impact it will have on the human food supply.
    • However, the development of the research will be closely monitored to find a material that can pass Danone’s high-standard quality and safety test.
  11. Why does the bottle feel softer?

    • Every plastic bottle has a minimum standard of plastic mass to be able to both achieve the desired shape of bottle design and maintain its shape. Along with the spirit of #BijakBerplastik, we are striving to utilize plastic as optimally as possible for our packaging without lowering the standard of quality and comfort during consumption.
  12. Plastic, including single-use plastic, is often the culprit of environmental pollution. There needs to be a collective effort to face this challenge. What is Danone-AQUA doing to contribute to this issue?

    • AQUA is committed to being an environmentally responsible company by conducting a sustainable business operation.
    • To manage our final products, in 1993 AQUA became the pioneer in the recycling industry by launching the “AQUA PEDULI” (“AQUA CARES”) program. Other than that, Danone-AQUA has also succeeded in collecting 12,000 tons of plastic waste per year to be recycled by 6 Recycling Business Units (RBU). We strengthened our commitment by launching the #BijakBerplastik movement, which consists of three pillars: (1) Improvement of the Plastic Waste Collection Infrastructure, (2) Consumer Education, and (3) Innovation. In the Innovation pillar, Danone AQUA invented 100% Recycled products.
    • We understand that what we have been doing since 1993 is not enough. Therefore, we will always be developing various initiatives, collaborating with various parties in the #BijakBerplastik movement; by increasing the usage of recycled materials to 50% and utilizing 100% recyclable, reusable and biodegradable materials all across our product range.
  13. You talk about recycling and circularity. Do you use recycled PET in your packaging?

    • Currently, Our PET bottles already contain up to 25% of recycled PET materials.
    • Our newest initiative introduced a product that uses packaging from 100% recycled PET. This is the first use of 100% recycled PET bottles in Indonesia’s consumer products. We are proud of this innovation because this proves that circularity is possible to be achieved.
  14. Because it’s made of recycled plastic, gradually the plastic materials will undergo quality degradation, what is your response?

    • Quality and food safety are our main priorities, and for that, we employ advanced technology to ensure that there is no quality degradation in the recycled plastic that we use, even though that bottle packaging was reproduced repeatedly. We apply the highest standard of quality to guarantee that these recycled bottles have the same quality standard as bottles that are made of virgin materials.
  15. How does the #BijakBerplastik campaign relates to the launch of 100% Recycled bottles?

    • #BijakBerplastik is a corporate commitment to take part in solving the plastic waste issue in Indonesia, and the launch of the 100% Recycled products was our proof point in manifesting a plastic-free Indonesia.
  16. Can AQUA LIFE bottles be reused after consumption (refilled with water)?

    • Danone-AQUA is always committed to providing the best quality of products and services. We ensure our products are safe - the source, the production process, and the packaging. AQUA products have a high food safety standard and we regularly perform supervision - internally and as required by the Government, Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (BPOM, and SNI. To maintain the best quality of the products until they reach the consumers’ hands, we recommend you to not refill AQUA packaging to ensure consumers always get clean, hygienic water.

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