Sheryl Sheinafia Releases New Single Called Positive to Encourage Young People to Resolve the Plastic Waste Issue

Goodness of Water | 18 February 2021

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Sheryl Sheinafia Releases New Single Called Positive to Encourage Young People to Resolve the Plastic Waste Issue

The problem of plastic waste has become so big. To overcome this, a collaboration between various parties through various means is needed. This eventually prompted singer Sheryl Sheinafia who is supported by Danone-AQUA to release a single titled Positive.

The song is a re-arrangement of the Possessive song that was created by Naif. You can hear that there are changes in lyrics and different musical compositions, intended to give the legendary song a more positive impression.

Through the song, Sherly also wants to encourage all parties to care and take part in overcoming the problem of plastic waste. His encouragement is reflected in one of the new lyrics in the song, which is, "When you die, you live again."

The lyrics can be interpreted as a reminder that everything can have a second chance, including used plastic. Later, plastic waste can be reused so that it can enter a circular cycle.

The steps taken by Danone-AQUA can be a real example. One of AQUA's commitments through the #BijakBerplastik movement is to encourage the reuse of plastic waste.

“Transformation and second chances are two things I want to focus here. I hope, with creation, through something I love, through music, I can encourage other people to join #BijakBerplastik. That will bring positive changes to our environment, ”said Sheryl.

Sherly's encouragement was based on the awareness that the problem of plastic waste is so complex. Need a way to overcome it through wise use. Otherwise, it can pollute the environment which certainly is bad for human health.

“Plastic is indeed one of the most useful materials in daily life. But if not followed by wise action on using it, the impact is gonna harm the environment, "said Sheryl. “I feel that to have a healthy body, the fulfillment of healthy nutrition and hydration is not enough, but also pay attention to the health of our environment. So, together with Danone-AQUA, I want to encourage more people to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, while also being involved in the #BijakBerplastik Movement. "

Apart from presenting inspiring music and lyrics, the single Positive also made a video clip with a unique concept. By shooting in the Yogyakarta area, the video directed by Bramsky shows that plastic can be reused.

Now the public can enjoy the songs and video clips. Since 29 November 2019, everything has been on all digital music platforms as well as Musica Studio's YouTube channel.


The plastic waste problem demands concern from all parties, including young people. Danone-AQUA believes that through music and songs would be an effective way to encourage young people to care more.

"Therefore, we are working with Sheryl as our Brand Partner, to help us reach out and raise awareness of the young generation about the importance of 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) and responsible waste management," said Marketing Manager Danone-AQUA. , Jeffri Ricardo.

He added that Sheryl is a representation of young people who care about the environment. That makes her the right person to echo the #BijakBerplastik Movement.

"Through her singing talent, we are sure that Sheryl can reach many people to join #BijakBerplastik through this Positive song," said Jeffri. "We also see that Sheryl is consistently active in campaigns for responsible waste management. We feel he will be able to inspire the younger generation to do the same. "

Launched in 2018, the #BijakBerplastik movement aims to encourage people to take responsibility for waste management, especially plastic waste. This is necessary because Danone-AQUA believes that the problem of plastic waste can be resolved through multi-stakeholder collaboration.

"Regarding #BijakBerplastik, we can start with the simplest things. From sorting waste to help the recycling process, to using it or turning it into something more useful, "said Sherly.

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