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Together with AQUA & Octopus, you too can help create a cleaner Bali

Collect a minimum of 10 used plastic bottles,
and you're eligible to call Octopus scavengers ("Pelestari").
Apart from helping them & ensuring proper disposal,
you can get points that can be redeemed into various vouchers.

Here’s how:

For a cleaner Bali

Download Octopus app from Google Play Store/App Store.

Collect any plastic beverage bottles (more points for AQUA bottles)

Wait for Octopus Scavenger to pick up your bottles

Get 100 points for every AQUA bottle you recycle through Octopus, redeem your points for vouchers from various merchants

Every bottle that you recycle will immediately be converted into donations for scavengers in Bali

Caring for the environment, the easy way. Download now, collect the points & reap the rewards!

Available on the App Store
Get it on Google Play
Octopus app

#BijakBerplastik is one step easier with
AQUA's range of 100% recycled plastic bottles

Pesan AQUA, kami antar. Belanja sekarang!

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